How to Get a Replacement for Your Lost Car Keys?

01/20/2017 by

Losing car keys isn’t something uncommon. It happens to several people every single day. While some people may lose the cars, some keys get stolen and some people end up locking the car keys inside the car. No matter what your reason is, losing a car key is not only inconvenient, but it is expensive too. You don’t any other option except getting your lost key replaced.

Once you find a reliable locksmith, you’ll need to let him know about the kind of car keys you have. The most common key types are the transponder keys and the keyless entry remotes.

Most cars that have been manufactured after 1995 has the transponder chips and are programmed to start a specific car with the help of radio transmissions. There is a receiver near the ignition switch of the vehicles. When the key gives out signals, it detects the signals and the vehicle starts. Replacing this kind of keys is difficult and expensive. Most of these keys are pre-programmed and if you reach out to the auto dealer, then he may charge a lot of money for the replacement keys. A lot of auto locksmiths will be able to help you get a replacement for this kind of lock by programming a blank key to work on a specific model vehicle. This option is much cheaper than getting the keys from the dealer.

The second type of key is the keyless entry remote, also called as the fob key or car remotes. Instead of the traditional mechanical keys, these keys control access to your vehicles through an electronic chip. A remote entry key fob has a built in system inside it that is used for controlling various functions of the vehicle. Locking and unlocking with this type of key is as simple as pressing a button. These keys are safe and come with customizable features. Getting a replacement key fob is much easier than getting a replacement transponder key.

Once you inform the auto locksmith about the type of key, you will also need to give him some other essential information such as

-          Make and model of the car

-          VIN number

-          Registration number of the vehicle

-          Location of the car

-          Personal identification proof

Once you provide all these details, the locksmith will help you get the transponder key or key fob replacement specific for your car.

The keyless remotes can also be ordered online. You can choose a reliable website for ordering the remote. You will need to choose the car brand, model and year of manufacturer and you’ll get a list of car key options available for your car. These websites will send out instructions along with the keys and this will help you program your keyless remotes yourself. If you wish to get your car key replacement at discounted prices, then these websites are your best option. Make sure you check out the reviews about the website to know about the quality and authenticity of their products.