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Perfect Crust Pizza Liners Keep Your Crust CrispyYou’ve worked hard to get your pizza just right, but how can you deliver a fresh-out-of-the-oven experience to your customers an hour later? In the ongoing battle against soggy pies, ventilated hot bags and steam-releasing pizza boxes have dominated the market, keeping pies hot and fresh en route to the customer’s home. But what about the area underneath the pizza, where it really counts? Ventilated boxes and bags have limited efficiency when the pizza is placed directly onto a non-breathable surface, such as cardboard. The steam between the pizza and the cardboard is the notorious culprit, leaving pizza stuck to the box or lending a cardboard like taste to the crust. Additionally, pizza slices may slide around on the smooth box surface during transit.The Perfect Crust SolutionA single, small detail can eliminate soggy, sticking or sliding crusts: pizza liners with an embossed stock surface, which provides elevation, ventilation and absorption of grease and moisture. This new innovation comes from Perfect Crust, a company dedicated to resolving soggy pizza woes with its assortment of bakeable and non-bakeable pizza liners. “When pizza was created, it wasn’t meant to be delivered,” Nick Hedlund, president of Perfect Crust, points out. “Our pizza liners don’t make your pizza crispy; they keep the integrity of the crust that you have.” Apart from enhancing the crust, Perfect Crust pizza liners offer: Warmer pizza: In an independent study, pizzas with a Perfect Crust pizza liner were 12° to 15° warmer upon delivery than pizzas with no liner. Visual appeal: For dine-in or delivery, the liner offers an enhanced presentation. Marketing opportunities: The liner’s extra tabs—which make it easier to handle the pizza, also can be used for promotional purposes, offering a coupon or advertising space.See for YourselfFor operators looking to enhance their pizzas, Perfect Crust has created the PC Challenge. Simply call 800-783-5343 or email for a free sample pack, bake two pizzas, then use the liner on one pizza and note how it holds up compared to the pizza without the liner. Four out of five pizza makers who take the challenge opt to use it in their stores, Hedlund says. With prices starting as low as 4 cents per liner, you can keep your competition in check and truly deliver your product. Perfect Crust works with all major distributors and also offers online purchasing. Visit to find out how you can enhance your crust and your customer satisfaction.