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Performance Trust University®, a premier fixed-income portfolio education course, was founded in 1994 by Rich Berg and Phil Nussbaum to lay a foundation of disciplined investing that they observed was lacking in the financial industry. As they worked in separate capacities—Rich as a broker and Phil as an examiner—they made the same observation: too often, bonds were bought and sold with little to no understanding of the math behind these complex cash flows. Rich’s colleagues would sell specific products to institutions simply because they were the type of product that the institution usually purchased. The portfolio managers whose portfolios Phil examined would purchase specific products simply because they were among the products their brokers showed them. Having experienced firsthand the weak structural integrity of this product-centered model, Rich and Phil co-founded Performance Trust University® to teach a disciplined analytical approach about investments. For institutional investors who lack time or resources to properly analyze the portfolio, this 19-year-old program teaches fundamental bond math principles that underlie securities to help financial institutions make informed investment decisions.